We developed a device with an algorithm that tells you exactly how you’re using your power – down to the precise individual appliance level – wanting to stay true to our 3 values of lowering carbon footprint, keeping energy costs more affordable for the consumer and improving availability through increased efficiency / visibility. Carbon footprint will be a major consideration in terms of electricity generation. According to the US energy efficiency administration, a substantial amount of power will continue to come from non-renewable sources such as coal, petroleum or natural gas even in 2040. we prefer to focus on buildings & industrial – why? 40% of energy is consumed by residential & commercial according to the EIA.



Our senior management team possesses extensive industry experience and has an average tenure of more than 10 years in the energy business. Our managers are experienced not only in engineering but also in successfully managing and executing global product roll out. Our management team also has experience in acquiring other businesses and integrating those operations with our own. A number of our managers are industry-recognized thought leaders. We believe that our management’s successful past performance and deep understanding of our clients’ needs have been key differentiating factors in competitive situations.